Papillon today

Even If Papillon looks like fragile little toy, he´s surprisingly tough, loves movement, long walks and he´s very temperamental, loayal and in company are spot-lights right on him thanks to his exterier and inteligance. Papillons are the best choice for competitions like dog-dancing and agility, it´s all thanks to their learn ability and playfulness.
He´s company enjoing doggie and easy to control, friendly, non agressive and don´t bark loud. He needs owner which has for him lot of time and has mild character. He needs company, like caress and attention.
Lonelines, hard education and unkind behave on him, that´s difficult for Papillon.
Not ideal for keeping hutch, because Papillon´s coat has no isolation ability and also his phychical would be vastly devastated.
From our experience it´s for the best to keep care on Papillons coat just like to hair (he really does have hair). Not so demanding for hair care (comb once per week, bath him once per month, after bath dry with hair-dryer, do not cut hair!).
Papillon has low consumption of high quality food per day.
Color of coat - hair: red-white, black-white, white-sable, tricolour.


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