Puppies of litter E & F

Dear futere breeders and owners of our papillon babies,

we present our litter E and F Pálava Country Art. Puppies and mothers are all in good health, full in beauty and strong as an ox.


E - litter 7/12/2018

Excalibur Pálava Country Art - sable boy (up)

Evolet Pálava Country Art - tricolor girl (down)




 F - litter 14/12/2018

Felix Felicis Pálava Country Art - tricolor boy (down/right)

Falbala Pálava Country Art - tricolor/girl (up/left)

Flowerbelle Pálava Country Art - sable girl (in the middle)


, all puppies can go to the now homes in the middle of February 2019.


Best regards,

Monika Sobotková

& ChS Pálava Country Art


VIDEO on youtube Litter B and C

We made a new video of our papillon puppies from litter B and C, just click on the link below...

https://youtu.be/7N7ezxnPWyU - 2. video, we´re eating

https://youtu.be/yGUSMCnx-E8 - 1. video


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